Cabinetry and Millwork

In addition to the basics, Greg Anderson Painting provides refinished and custom stained and lacquered millwork and cabinetry to spruce up your home and enhance any architectural style

Whether it be crown molding or cabinet doors, our trained staff can do it all because we have done it all, from ten foot French doors to window trim. We offer both on and off-site work for your convenience so we can work best with your schedule and avoid crowding out your home.

Our team specializes in paint, stain, and lacquer application and can customize or match whatever color or shade you want. We will establish the scope of work to be completed and then work with you to determine how best to complete it. From there we will work with you to pick the perfect color or shade to best accent the rest of your home.

For bigger projects, such as doors or more intricate cabinets that need a little extra TLC, we generally suggest that we perform the work in our shop so that we can give your project the attention it deserves!

We will prepare the surface by cleaning and sanding as needed to ensure a blank canvas for the primer and paint or stain. We will again sand out any additional imperfections in order to provide a flawless surface for the paint or stain application. Then, our meticulous painters will apply the desired finish to the cabinets or millwork. Once we have reached the desired finish color and sheen, we will allow the finished products to dry for the appropriate amount of time, this way we can certify a long lasting and durable paint job that will stand the test of time and stand up to any wear and tear it endures.

We can service:

Crown Molding
Cabinets and Cabinet Doors
Baseboards and Trim